Best Way To Claim Website on Pinterest In 2023

Pinterest: Best Way how to Claim Website on Pinterest. Using words such as code, meta tag, or HTML code can be challenging. But I’ll demonstrate a straightforward method to accomplish it, and that is effective. Two websites are mine, and the process worked for both.

How Claim Website on Pinterest At Free of Cost

First, let’s discuss why you should check or declare your website. This information comes straight from Pinterest, their website:

Best Way To Claim Website on Pinterest In 2023
Best Way To Claim Website on Pinterest In 2023

Claim your website for access to web analytics and let your visitors know which sources they can use to access the rest of your posts. Your profile photo will be displayed on top of any Pins coming from your website, and an international globe icon will be added alongside your website’s URL on your profile.


In addition to those fantastic features, it also allows Pinterest to be a trusted source for your website. It gives it another reason to trust your website, and the pins it brings to it will enable you to be noticed more.


I will demonstrate the easiest method to verify your website’s authenticity on PINTEREST to WordPress users. When I was trying to access my account, this was how I went about it. I was unaware anyone could show you how to go about this method. This method seemed to be an obvious option to me.


  • If you’ve logged onto Pinterest, select claim from the left menu and go to the settings.
  • It will ask you to select the choice you’d prefer to use to establish your site. Go to the HTML tag section.
  • Take a copy of this HTML meta tag, then go onto your WordPress dashboard.
  • Once on your WordPress dashboard, click on the appearance tab and choose to customize.
  • This will open a window where you can alter the theme.
  • This is what you’ll find on the left edge of the screen.
  • Go to the settings for the theme SEO tab.
  • The next screen that you’ll see. You must select the Header/Footer scripts tab.
  • Copy and paste the code you copied from Pinterest into the header scripts section.
  • Make sure you hit Publish to save all your modifications.
  • That’s it! Go back to Pinterest and click Next. It will then tell you that you should give it a week or so to make an update.


This is the way you’re doing it. WordPress is now providing another method of confirming your website.

For this method, follow the abovementioned steps and duplicate your HTML code. Instead of copying the code I have shown you, they advise you to paste it into another location. Follow the instructions that follow from WordPress.

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