Best Figma alternatives for Web Design Strategy in 2022

This article lists 10 Figma alternatives that you can use to improve your web design strategy. We’ll explain why Figma alternatives are essential and how to assess other options.

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Figma alternatives: Why not?

Adobe acquired Figma in September 2022. Figma is a web design platform well-known for its collaboration and ease of use. Figma has gained considerable momentum over the past few years and is now widely considered a must-have by UX/UI designers. Many users are concerned that Adobe will change the platform now that it is owned by Adobe.

If Figma’s product is discontinued, Figma users are encouraged to look for alternatives. Some are worried that Figma’s customer-centric, unique approach will be lost. This acquisition has many pros, such as plans to integrate Adobe’s capabilities within the Figma platform.

Figma Alternatives: How do you evaluate them?

Having a guide to help you evaluate possible replacements if the Figma acquisition has left you wondering if there are other options.

We’ll be evaluating 10 alternative Figma products based on the above factors.

1. InVision

Similar to Figma, InVision is collaboration-centric. InVision prides itself on providing a real-time workspace that allows users to seamlessly align with their colleagues. Multiple users can collaborate simultaneously on the platform. The product streamlines your workflow, so you always have one place to go throughout the project.

2. UXPin

UXPin shared that their platform helps teams work more efficiently by eliminating communication blocks and minimizing silo effects. Developers and UI designers alike can take advantage of UXPin to design consistent interfaces using identical building blocks; furthermore, UXPin allows them to develop prototypes that resemble final products.

3. Sketch

Another platform that facilitates collaborative design is Sketch. It provides you with all the tools needed to simplify the process. Sketch allows users to create prototypes and facilitates developer handoff. Drawing offers a variety of user interface design tools that make prototyping easy and allows for real-time collaboration between teammates.

4. Mockplus

Mockplus is a product design platform that allows for collaboration, design systems, prototyping, and design systems. Mockplus makes bringing together product managers, developers, and designers easy. Mockplus, often compared to InVision, features dynamic and reusable design tools that ensure consistency throughout the team. These systems are easy to share, modify, and manage.

5. Adobe XD

Figma is often compared to Adobe XD. Figma was recently acquired by Adobe. What the future holds for Figma or Adobe XD needs to be clarified. However, this alternative is worth looking at.

For prototyping, you can use Figma or Adobe XD. Adobe has a robust and active community that allows you to interact with other XD users and offers many resources. Adobe XD is easy to learn.

6. Pen pot

Not an Open Source platform that is free, and open-source is top-rated. It is an excellent choice for cross-domain teams and works with all operating systems. It works with all open web standards. It allows multiple users simultaneously to collaborate, has Cloud Sync, and is continuously evolving.

7. makes it possible to bring your vision to reality. This tool is ideal for UX designers, product managers, and marketers. The product is entirely web-based, so you don’t need coding knowledge. It’s easy to use the drag-and-drop builder. You can also access a massive library of resources, including videos, tutorials, webinars, and documentation. It does not have a forum community, as many Figma alternatives do.

8. Moqups

Moqups is the best place to go if you want to create wireframes and UI prototypes for your project. Moqups is well-known for its ease of administration. The platform is flexible and can be set up in various ways. You can quickly create a frame or dig deeper with a detailed mockup. It’s intuitive and easy to use the platform to get your entire team up to speed. You can also collaborate with your coworkers in real time.

9. Affinity Designer

Affinity Design allows you to streamline logo design, mockups, and UI design. Affinity Design is also known for its outstanding illustration capabilities. This platform facilitates the seamless design-to-developer handoff and offers vector and raster design tools. This platform is excellent for beginners.

10. WireFlow

Wireflow is designed to simplify the planning and brainstorming stages of projects. You can interact with your colleagues, have special project permissions, engage in real-time collaboration with multiple users, and have a very easy-to-use interface.

Find Figma Alternatives Today

Figma alternatives are worth considering, regardless of the reason. You may discover that these platforms offer a better user experience than the original. Explore other Figma options to see how they can fit your tech stack.

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