What is Pillar Post? How do I make Pillar Post in WordPress

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If you are blogging or interested in digital marketing, Pillar Post should be on your mind. How to create one and its benefits should also be explained here; for more details read our article if needed.

Pillar Post, an important term in content marketing, is seldom discussed online. So I decided to provide all necessary details. Please read this entire article in order to gain more knowledge about Pillar Posts. Let’s quickly get into this and learn about these crucial pillar posts!

What is Pillar Post? How do I make Pillar Post?

A blog post that supports several or all of the topics is known as a pillar post. Pillar posts are more detailed than regular blog posts and rank higher in search engines because they last longer.

Pillar Post is a valuable post that prompts the user to take action. It is also more engaging than regular posts. Pillar Content or Pillar Page is also known as Pillar Post.

Pillar Post is comprised of two words Pillar and Post. Here, pillar refers to a column, while post refers to a blog article. A pillar post refers to the main blog post that covers all parts of a topic.

Pillar Post Example

If you still need to figure out the pillar, we can show you how to understand it using an example.

If your blog is focused on computers, you will write lengthy content about the keyword “computer,” in which you give information about the computer’s type, hardware, and software.

This will allow you to write articles on computer hardware, software, etc. What’s a computer? A pillar post is one, and the rest are general posts. Your blog can rank higher if you link all of its headquarters. The pillar posts can be understood as the pillar in the temple that holds the entire temple.

Pillar Post Advantages

These are the top benefits of pillar post –

  • The reader receives all relevant information on a topic in one blog post.
  • Pillar posts engage more users and prompt them to take action.
  • Because it has detailed information, users are likelier to share pillar posts than regular posts.
  • Pillar posts are long content. Users will spend more time on your website due to it. You will also see a rise in rankings.
  • The pillar post helps to reduce the bounce rate. Your blog can be linked to other positions so users can access the related content.
  • The value of the pillar post is always there. It performs well for a long while in the search engine.
  • Pillar posts rank high in search engine results pages and attract more visitors to the blog.

How do I make a Pillar post In WordPress

If you have read this article, you should know what Pillar Post is. Let us now tell you how to make Pillar Post. Below is the complete step-by-step process for making pillar posts.

1 – Choose the right subject

We all know that pillar posts are focused on a single topic. In this post, information is provided about all related matters. Before you begin writing a pillar article, you must choose the right issue.

Understanding your visitors is key to choosing the right topic for your pillar posts. That means understanding what type of posts you like to read, what they search most on the internet, age, and gender. What is the etc.? This information can be accessed using a tool such as Google Analytics.

You will make excellent progress in your business if you understand your audience.

2 – Do Keyword Research

It would be best if you did keyword research on the topic you choose for your pillar posts, so you don’t lose any information.

3 – Select a Sub-Topic

Sub-topics play an essential role in a pillar blog post. With sub-topic, pillar posts can be made. In the computer example, we said that pillar posts on “What’s a computer?” will need to include information about the computer type, parts, etc. These are all subtopics. You can add more sub-topics to your pillar post.

4 – Write a great piece:-

Then it would be best if you wrote great articles. Write the essay step-by-step so that the reader has a clear roadmap.

The purpose of a pillar post is to give the reader step-by-step complete information about the topic, so they can gain more knowledge.

You can then create a pillar post and provide all the information the reader needs. Here are some examples of positions that can be used as pillars. These posts will give you an idea of how to create pillar posts.


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