How To Remove Any Unused CSS from WordPress 2023

A lot of unusable CSS and JS in your website could slow down the loading time of your website. If you test your website using speed test tools like Google PageSpeed Insight, you might receive a message to delete Unused CSS.

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There is an extremely simple method to do this. You don’t need to possess any specific technical skills to eliminate unneeded CSS as well as JS off your WordPress website.

This is due to the amazing plugin known as Asset CleanUp Page Speed Booster. The removal of unneeded CSS is as simple as clicking a couple of buttons. If you’re not want to spend a few dollars per year, using WP Rocket, there’s an unneeded CSS button. Simply enable it , and WP Rocket will eliminate all unusable CSS in a timely manner.

What’s the purpose of not used CSS?

Unused CSS refers to any stylesheet files on a website which aren’t necessary for its proper function, like external stylesheets that may need downloading before being displayed onscreen. When someone visits, their browser downloads, reads, and processes any external stylesheets before showing their content.

If CSS is on the page, but it isn’t being used the browser will use its time on it, which can slow down the loading speed of the site. Examples of this include contact form plugins that typically load their CSS across the entire website even though it’s not being used on specific pages.

Theme developers may be a part of the problem by adding excessive CSS in the style.css file that will be loaded every time the site loads. While a single unusable CSS file isn’t an issue, a significant quantity of unusable CSS could significantly affect the loading time of websites.

The best plugin to remove unneeded CSS from WordPres

Asset CleanUp Page Speed Booster an extension for WordPress that allows you to eliminate unnecessary CSS and JS even for novices.

The plugin lets you remove specific CSS which is not required for a specific site or blog post. Its premium edition lets you disable unused CSS/JS used by plugins.

The plugin is a full performance tool that offers several other options for speeding up WordPress and to remove unneeded CSS/JS is only one of the features. In this article I have employed this plugin to serve to guide me on how to improve the performance of websites.

WP Rocket is a premium performance plug-in to WordPress that is simple to use even for those who are new to. To get rid of unneeded CSS required, you must purchase the plugin. It is available through your account, or by clicking an email hyperlink.

Once downloaded, you can install the plugin through the Dashboard>plugins>Add new>Upload feature. To enable the unneeded CSS removal feature, go through your WP Rocket settings, click on the “File Optimization” tab, scroll down to “Remove Unused CSS” and mark the box, and afterwards save, and then clear the cache.

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