The 9 Best Free VPS Hosting Providers (2023)

Today’s digital world requires businesses and personal projects alike to have an online presence, and selecting an ideal hosting provider for this is vital to their success.

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The 9 Best Free VPS Hosting Providers
The 9 Best Free VPS Hosting Providers

Free VPS Hosting Providers greater control and scalability than shared hosting solutions;

many providers charge for it while there are free options too – in this blog post we outline nine best free VPS hosts in 2023 to assist your decision making.

Free VPS Hosting Providers List 2023

AccuWeb Hosting

AccuWeb Hosting is an established provider of free VPS hosting, specialising in Windows-based VPS plans with 1GB RAM and 35GB storage for monthly bandwidth of 500GB – an impressive offering in its free VPS market segment.

Their customer support is widely respected while their service features include website backup, user-friendly control panel access and full root access – perfect for newcomers to the hosting business.


InfinityFree is another solid choice for free VPS hosting, though technically considered shared hosting.

Their unlimited disk space and bandwidth offers comparable features found with some VPS providers; additionally they provide free subdomain names, SSL security certificates, no forced ads (unlike some free services),

subdomain hosting with subdomain names free SSL certification as well as full root access if desired – though those looking for full root access should consider alternative services instead.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leader in cloud services industry, offers a free tier for VPS hosting that includes up to 12 months of an EC2 Instance use each month and access to their Amazon RDS database service – making AWS one of the more complex cloud providers but their robust offerings certainly merit consideration.

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud, the premier cloud provider in China, offers a free VPS hosting trial featuring 1GB RAM and 40GB ultra-cloud disk for the trial period.

Their range of services compares favorably with AWS making Alibaba Cloud an excellent choice for projects targeting the Asian market.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud offers a free tier that includes an f1-micro instance suitable for VPS hosting.

In addition, new customers are given $300 in credit to use on any of their services – making Google Cloud an impressive free VPS host contender!

However, its array of services and global infrastructure make navigating their platform somewhat complex at first.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, their cloud service, offers free VPS hosting with their free tier.

New customers receive $200 in credit over 30 days plus access to various free services for 12 months; additionally their B1S virtual machine offering provides 1GB of RAM free up to the first 750 hours each month.


VPSie offers a free VPS hosting package as part of its free trial, complete with 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 20GB SSD storage space and 1TB bandwidth – an impressive starting package!

Additionally, using SSD storage ensures increased speed and efficiency.

5 Jelly

5 Jelly offers free VPS hosting plans with one gigabyte of RAM, 20 gigabytes of storage and 3 terabytes of monthly bandwidth – making them suitable for smaller projects that don’t need as many services.


Vultr is not offering free VPS hosting solutions; however, they do provide new customers with an impressive $100 credit for 30 days as an incentive.

With 15 data centers worldwide and starting monthly costs at just $2.50 after trial period ends, Vultr provides an affordable yet powerful VPS hosting solution.


Conclusion Selecting the optimal free VPS hosting provider depends on your specific needs and technical abilities.

From traditional providers such as AccuWeb Hosting to cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure – and with multiple free VPS options now available it should be easy for any project to get underway in 2023!

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