how to host website free 2022

This is very simple to host a website free on google and other web hosting platforms. This type of web hosting service is simple to host a blog website and other information websites. Many website developers like this type of website for website hosting.

How a simple website designer can make this type of website at zero cost. This web server is very helpful for a poor website maker. Many men and women want to make some money, but they do not want to put money on web hosting and other expenses. In this blog, we discuss how to host a single website on this type of free web hosting website. 

How to make a website online with zero cost

To make your website online, you just need to buy a domain and you also go for Google Blogspot. Google Blogspot is free to make a website and make the website live with Google. To make your website online on Google Blogspot, you just want to go to the blogger page and choose your website name. They choose your website themes and add some unique content, then publish your website. 

You also go for a new web hosting website service, this type of website helps you to make your website online with free service. 

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