SITE123 Review – Best Key Features

SITE123 Review – is a simple application that puts simplicity over all. It manages to integrate an effective website builder SEO., eCommerce and marketing tools into one easy application that takes almost no time to master.

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Of course, that’s what every webmaster around the world would want you to believe. There’s no one selling an ” complicated website builder” does it? Also, is there something to suggest that SITE123’s claims are legitimate?

SITE123 provides a website building system that completely eliminates the human error factor. Instead of dropping and dragging a variety of elements, SITE123 offers the option of a a pre-selected list of options to choose from to personalize your website.

While it does take away some of the choice, it also makes the process of creating a large website easy.

The main issue is: is that too much? Does it really matter sacrificing choice in the name of simplicity?

To Check Out for this Website review, I signed up to the platform and build my own website. In the end, I think that some people will really appreciate the approach of the platform.

SITE123 Review: service

SITE123 is a good choice to build a range of websites. Here are the most important characteristics of the most well-known kinds of websites that you might be interested about:

SITE123 for blogs

SITE123 is a low-cost solution to create a stunning and functional blog. There’s plenty of servers to work with and you can expand it if needed. It might not be the most popular blogging system, but it’s very close.

It’s extremely simple to use, and your blog will be live within a matter of minutes, and you’ll have the possibility of making money from your blog.

SITE123 for portfolio websites

SITE123 is a great option for those who want to create a portfolio site and are looking to create basic websites and aren’t concerned about creating something that is really unique.

It’s extremely user-friendly and offers excellent optimization performance. SITE123 also offers a range of templates that can help you build your portfolio.

Site123 is a business website for businesses.

SITE123 offers email marketing and a Big range of plugins that can add Maximum Feature to your site. Although certain of the features SITE123 offer aren’t well-thought out, they will get their job done and offer you the most basic features you’ll require for your business.

SITE123 for online stores

The options for online stores that SITE123 provides are good. They’re easy and accessible and you can make use of SEO tools and marketing techniques to enhance your selling experience online, and the eCommerce editor has an easy interface that users don’t need to have to spend time learning.

To experience an enjoyable experience when it comes to eCommerce, you need to invest in the higher priced plans, which are Professional, Gold, or Platinum. These plans provide numerous gateways and permit you to include more items to your website in comparison to their less expensive counterparts.

SITE123 pricing

SITE123 offers a free plan and five premium plans ranging in price from $11.88 to $45.00 each month. At first glance, it seems to be a little more expensive than the majority of websites builders.

Let’s take a look at these plans and the features they offer in depth.

Free plan

The free plans are usually designed to be used for experimenting The same applies exactly the case with SITE123.

In the beginning, bandwidth and storage space are limited: at 250MB per isn’t a lot of users to exceed its capacity and then shut down.

When you publish your website you’ll be assigned the most insignificant subdomain in the last few years. Some other builders may let you pick a subdomain, but I was just assigned one: (just rolls off the tongue, that one).

Additionally, at the very bottom of my website there was an enormous SITE123 ribbon. It was quite distracting. The point is, do not plan your business on this plan. Like most things in life, if you want the best you must pay for it.

Basic plan

Basic plan (also called Premium if you’re logged into) costs $12.80 per month. This unlocks a lot of the features for building websites we’re looking for and appreciate.

The bandwidth and storage capacity are both substantially increased (10GB as well as 5GB each) which means you can have a large and well-known page here. You can also connect your domain and even get a free domain during the initial year. The huge ribbon that runs across the end of your webpage has gone, too.

It also has a feature that allows you to send out 100 messages for your email list, and then open some, even smaller, email marketing capabilities.

Advanced plan

If you’re running an e-commerce company and are looking for a more affordable plan, the Advanced plan at $11.88/month could be a better option. 

Mailing list messages rise to a respectable 1000. The eCommerce process is still through PayPal. The monthly limit on orders has been increased to 50.

Professional plan

We’re at the point of plans to choose for if you are considering using SITE123 to run your business.

The Professional plan is $17.28/month and provides 90GB of storage, as well as 45GB of bandwidth. 

You’ll also get statistics for websites and the limit on mailboxes will increase to five and you’ll be able to add 3 additional websites languages, and also increase eCommerce orders up to amount of 500 per month.

Additionally payment gateways allow you to accept credit card payments and not just PayPal.

Gold plan

The Gold plan well…as the name suggests it’s the gold standard for everything SITE123 offers. At $20.88 per month it’s the second expensive plan available.

However, you’ll also receive a massive 135GB of bandwidth, which can accommodate up to 10,000 messages in mail 10 mailboxes, as well as five additional languages.

eCommerce features will also be quite broad. You’ll be able to make unlimited eCommerce purchases advanced statistics, the chance to build a wishlist reviews, reviews, and even abandon cart recovery.

The final one is extremely interesting, as it allows you try to bring back customers who added items to their cart but did not purchase it.

Platinum plan

If you would like to manage a massive website for your business or an eCommerce site, Premium is the most effective option. At $45.00/mo this plan tops on the list of most costly plan.

For this price, you’ll get 1000GB of storage space and bandwidth up to 50,000 email messages, 25 mailboxes and unlimited other languages.

But, aside from significantly greater server resources, other features such as unlimited eCommerce orders advanced statistics and more are the same in the Gold plan.


Are SITE123 free?

SITE123 offers the plan that is completely and completely free of charge. However, if you want a custom domain name, greater resources and more features, I would suggest going to a premium account.

What are the major benefits of SITE123?

The major advantages of SITE123 is that it’s extremely simple to use it allows you to create a comprehensive website without having any design experience. It’s also simple to use to conduct email marketing, or to make sales online.

Can you include analytic data to SITE123?

You can include analytics on your SITE123 website however, you must be on an active plan. You can choose to use the in-house option of the platform, as well as utilize tools from Google, Facebook, and Bing.

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