SEO optimization for WordPress website

What Is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of increasing your website’s organic traffic and rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and other search engines.

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This includes creating quality content as well as checking the health of your website’s technology and gaining links from other websites to your website and making sure your site has a local search engine presence and much more.

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How Do Search Engines Work?

Search engines such as Google make use of relatively complicated algorithms — or processes to arrange and determine the quality of content. Algorithms consider a range of ranking factors in consideration to determine how well the page is ranked.

SEO optimization for WordPress website
SEO optimization for WordPress website

The short and the long of it is that search engines get in digital content and arrange the data into pages of results. The goal is to make the users satisfied with the results that they get within the results page (SERPs).

The most important part is the incorporation of keywords in your content. Keywords are phrases or words that people type into search engines when they perform searches.

The words on your page must be relevant to the business you are promoting and should have a high amount of search traffic (i.e. that enough people are searching for a query on Google that you need to write an appropriate page for it).

It is possible to use tools such as the Keyword Magic Tool or the Keyword Magic Tool or Keyword Overview tool to identify keywords that are appropriate for your plan of action.

Remember that making use of a keyword a few times in your piece is not a good idea and will not help you rank on Google. Instead, you should use keywords to steer your writing.

How Does Google Work?

The main purpose of the SEO strategy is to be highly ranked on Google.

Google is a platform that works in three primary phases to rank and finds web pages:


Google employs “bots” to crawl the web and search for newly updated or new pages. To allow Google to locate a webpage it must be able to find the page by having hyperlinks to it. The more links a webpage has, the more likely it will be for Google to locate the page.


The next step is Google examining the URLs the bots come across and attempting to understand the meaning of what the page’s about. Google is able to look at things like images, content as well as various other files in the media.

It will then store this data within the database known as Google Index (or its database).


After Google has evaluated URLs, it determines which websites are the most relevant for the search queries of users and organizes them in the SERPs.

Google Algorithm

The Google search algorithm is Google’s internal system for ranking content. It takes a variety of variables into consideration when making its ranking decision.

It’s true that no one outside of Google’s own circle has a clear view into its entire ranking elements. It’s easy to see that Google will guard its magic formula so closely.

Fortunately, Google does provide users with guidelines to adhere to. In addition, experts such as John Mueller, a Google search advocate, offer guidance and advice to questions about the algorithm often.

In conclusion, there are some things to be aware of when optimizing your site in accordance with the guidelines of Google the company itself:


Does your content answer customers’ queries or demonstrate what they’d like to be able to see? Things like freshness, language, and synonyms can have an impact here.


When Google’s algorithm has concluded that your website’s content matches the purpose of the query it was asked for and it has scanned its Google Index to determine the place your content is in relation to relevancy.

On-page SEO is vital for this. Your website will be more likely to get higher rankings in search results when you offer searchers the most accurate and clear information.

Why Is SEO Important?

While paying for ads and using social media can boost your website’s visibility, SEO has a lasting benefit. Why? Because once you set up SEO right, your website keeps getting visitors without ongoing costs.

SEO means making your website show up high in search results when people look for certain things. If your website provides clear and helpful answers, search engines like Google will put it at the top.

This not only helps more people find your website but also introduces them to what your company does.

How Does SEO Work + Examples

SEO is the art and practice for convincing search engines into recommending your website’s content for their readers as being the most effective quality, most trusted, and comprehensive solution to their issue.

As we mentioned earlier, when Google bots have collected information from websites, they are placed on Google’s Index.

Search engine algorithms will then analyze the index, based on scores of factors in order to decide where the pages should appear in the search results pages (SERPs) according to the user queries.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the process of optimizing the content on a web page. It is possible to control these elements in contrast to off-page strategies (which we’ll discuss in the next section).

For instance, you can change the title tags for the meta description on your personal page, and then create the content yourself.

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