Path of Exile

The Path of Exile Passive Skill Tree is a daunting task. There are more than 1200 nodes available and you’ll need to make use of all the points of skill earned while leveling up to be able to access the more distant powerful, strong nodes. If you’ve made an error in your building and you’ve made a mistake, there’s only two options to fix it.

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Path of Exile
Path of Exile

Can I restart my entire skill tree?

Path of Exile won’t let players to reset their passive Skill Tree. If you’re past level 20 and dissatisfied with your build, the majority players would suggest that you start with a fresh start.

If you’re in the beginning of your journey and don’t want to be a victim of destroying you Passive Skill Tree, we recommend that you select a building that is appropriate for the class you’re playing.

For instance the Marauder build available is available from PoE Vault comes with a full breakdown of the skills you require. Follow a player’s guide to build so that you do not mess up your passive Skill Tree.

There’s only one scenario that you could completely reset your passive Skill Tree. When Grinding Gear Games drastically alters the tree of skills between season, they might provide a full, no-cost reset to players.

This isn’t a dependable situation. If you’re in need of more power it is best to just start again.

Do I have the ability to change my individual tree skills?

You can refund points on your skill tree. Image: Grinding Gear Games via Polygon

The game Path of Exile, you have the ability to unlock points to refund your character.

If you complete the main story of the game you’ll receive around 20 refund points. You can also use an the rare consumable called the Orb of Regret to earn additional refund points.

If you’ve got points to refund, they can be activated on the right hand side of the screen of the passive tree of skills. You can then select a skill you previously unlocked. However, you can’t refund nodes until you’ve completed unlocking branches. It’s not possible to refund a skill that is linked to two skills.

If you’re planning to take your character in a totally different direction, it’s almost impossible because of the tiny number of refund points that you can get during your campaign.

The Passive Skill Tree can be challenging to master while playing Path of Exile. If you’re not a fan starting from scratch, your best option is to get a manual and follow it until you’ve learned how to construct your own.

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