Best Nike Air Max 270 Black White shoes review in 2022

Heat on the Feet: 008

Finally, I’m glad to be back for another Heat On The Feet Review. This time it’s on the Nike Air Max 270, in the black, solar and white colorways. Let’s dive in.

First, let’s talk a bit about these kicks.

Best Nike Air Max 270 Black White shoes review in 2022
Best Nike Air Max 270 Black White shoes review in 2022

When did the Nike Air Max 270 become available?

Air Max 270 was launched in 2018. This Air Max model is still relatively new.

What is the reason it’s called the 270

The 270 is named after the 270-degree visible air unit found in the shoe. It takes its inspiration from Air Max 93.

Review & Thoughts on Nike Air Max 270

While I initially thought that the Air Max 270 would be my last pair of shoes, I have to admit that they have become a part of my daily life.

I chose this colorway because of the black-white tones. You can wear them with many different looks thanks to their minimalistic color scheme. The white pair was tempting me when I first looked at them.

These trainers are extremely light, which may be surprising at first glance. However, this is Nike and we are talking about them so it shouldn’t surprise us at all. These trainers are extremely lightweight, from the materials used for the foam soles and upper materials to the air unit plastic and upper materials.

The little details are what I love most about these trainers. Little details like:

The matte tape tee and the mini swoosh are finished with the matt tape.

The sole’s nose is adorned with the word Max.

The heel has rubber stamp lettering that reads “Air”

These details and the sleek, athletic design are what have made me want to buy these shoes.

What are the facts about the Nike Air Max 270

What size is the 270s?

Keep your Nike size. So that it fits comfortably, I choose a size 9.

Are the Nike Air Max 270 good for running/gym?

Yes and No

These can be worn if you go to the gym to work on your chest and biceps. These are not suitable for people who do leg day. I prefer trainers or training shoes that have good support in the heel.

Running again? It leans towards a no. These sneakers were created by Nike primarily for everyday use. They are also known as the first ‘lifestyle sneakers’. They were not intended to be a sports performance shoes. You can find a variety of shoes that are designed for running and are balanced better for it.

These shoes are ideal for those who are going for a short walk, walking to work, or simply going to the local convenience shop. These would make you a great everyday trainer if you live in the city.

Are you taller with the Air Max270s?

Yes, 3 cm taller! The heel’s air unit will do you a favor. You will need to have some height.

What can you wear with Nike 270s?

First of all, your choice is always yours. The sleek, athletic silhouette of these pants can be worn with joggers and tracksuit bottoms.

I love the colorway and it will go well with any tapered or skinny-leg jeans. Air Max 270s can be worn in many styles and looks.

Click the button below to feel more comfortable and to order a pair of 270s.

Below are some images that I took with the Nike Air Max 270 in black white and the solar colorway.

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