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Zach Thompson gives his top selections from the waiver net for your fantasy basketball season-long leagues ahead of week 15, which kicks off on Monday, Jan. 31.

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The NBA season is set to begin in February with another full week of fantasy football. There are two and a half weeks until the All-Star break begins in the middle of Week 18 for most formats.

nba fantasy reddit
nba fantasy reddit

This week will bring an even spread of games, that includes at minimum six matches each day and not over nine. Like usual, Monday as well as Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday are busy, while Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are more relaxed, but it’s not as drastic as the difference that we’ve seen in the last several weeks.

The schedule is fairly even in terms of team workload; 17 teams are playing four times, and 12 teams playing three times. The only exception is Utah Jazz, who only play twice during the week.

The level of matchups as well as the number of games played for every team are important things to take into consideration, particularly when you’re searching for short-term selections.

The top of this article every week, you will discover the top-performing players who are disappearing quickly off the waiver list and may be out of your league.

If they’re still around on the waiving wires, then they’re fantastic alternatives to think about. On the other side you’ll find several options for deep leagues to look at on the bottom of this article.

Between those two groups, you’ll discover four sleepers that I believe are excellent picks moving towards the correct direction. It’s a fast-paced world every day. So, make sure you visit my Twitter account @ZT_sports when you’re seeking streaming options for a single game and inexpensive DFS plays every day.

The Kings are in a state of chaos currently and all signs suggest they will be undergoing the reset button at the deadline for trades. One bright spot, however, is the improvement of the Kings, their top draft pick from the previous year.

The No. 9 overall selection has had three starts in the season, but has averaged 25.0 minutes across 45 total games.

Mitchell has earned his place at the defensive end with his consistent performance, often living up his nickname at college “Off night.” De’Aaron Fox has been absent for the past four games due to an ankle injury, however Mitchell has proven he is able to handle more responsibility when needed.

Terence Davis started the first two games without Fox however, he fell with a wrist injury , and is out for a while. Mitchell was able to get into the starting lineup in the midst of the game and has had two solid performances.

In a standout performance against the Hawks on Wednesday, Mitchell racked up an impressive 26 points and contributed six assists in just 31 minutes of gameplay. He followed this up with a solid 33-minute stint against the 76ers, where he added another five assists and five points to his season tally.

Mitchell has consistently shown flashes of his offensive prowess, especially when given more responsibilities on the court. He has hit or surpassed the nine-point threshold in five of his last six games and has consistently provided multiple assists in his last eight outings. This level of performance makes him a player to watch closely.

As the Kings evaluate their roster and plan for the future, Mitchell is increasingly being viewed as a cornerstone of the team. This suggests that he is likely to see more playing time as the season progresses, irrespective of potential player movements within the squad.

While Fox’s injury is not expected to be a long-term concern, Mitchell’s versatility and consistent contributions make him a valuable asset, especially as the Kings head into a promising four-game week. Keep an eye on Mitchell; his rising stock could make a significant impact in the games to come.

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