mint mobile review reddit

Hello everyone,

I’d like to record this in writing so that other individuals can make educated decisions based on my experiences.

mint mobile review reddit
mint mobile review reddit

My family has been on the T-Mobile plan for a number of years and paid about $30 for my share of the cost. I’m making every effort to cut down on my expenditure and have after lots of research have come to the conclusion that Mint Mobile is my best choice.

I purchased the three-month trial on their website and it was delivered promptly. Prior to that I contacted T-Mobile and asked that my device (iPhone 6s) be delocked. It required less than 24hrs to get the status of my phone being unlocked.

I went with Mint Mobile because they use the T-Mobile network and I would not need to buy a brand new phone. My experience with the network of T-Mobile is good, however the mileage may differ if you’re from a different major carrier. In general , however I consider that it is a solid network with excellent coverage.

I transferred my old number which I’ve used for nearly 15 years. It was an additional requirement that I had to meet: having the capability to keep my current number.

My experience with porting the number was an issue and is mostly due to user error. It is equally frustrating because of Mint Mobile’s customer care. I was sure I knew the proper information for my transfer (account number, pin number as well as pin #) So I completed the procedure on Mint’s site.

The system initially denied my account, stating that the pin was invalid. I contacted for the account’s primary holder a second time and was provided with a different pin to test.

The Mint Mobile website appeared to indicate that the process was in progress. I am currently in the process of buying a home which is why having my phone available for business needs is vital! I was waiting impatiently to get the phone (Mint Mobile’s site states it takes 24 hours, however I was unwilling to believe that this process could take this long). This is the reason my frustration with customer service arises:

I can contact customer service via the chat function on the site. What I receive is generic responses that clear copy/pasted and then reviewed by lawyers in order to protect their egos. I didn’t find any useful details and there’s no option on Mint Mobile’s site to verify the status of activation! There is no email confirmation or anything else.

When I told them that I was using my phone for businesspurposes, I was advised to use my Mint Mobile SIM in the phone instead. I was quite dissatisfied by the customer service experience as well as the apparently ignorant staff.

At this moment I decided to call the primary account holder on my T-Mobile number to call me to verify the pin. The initial two pins were wrong. I have found the correct pin! So, I visit Mint Mobile’s site again before deciding to attempt activation a second time.

When I enter my SIM information Mint’s website takes me to a webpage that informs me that the pin is not correct. Therefore, there is an option to verify this – however, customer support did not have the information!

I corrected the error and submitted it again. Within 5 minutes , my line was activated and ported through Mint’s network. It was incredibly fast and with the correct information.

Nearly immediately after the port I’ve received calls from people who have called me. They confirmed that the quality of the call is as clean and seems the same as before.

Today, I’m a few several days later and I am able to affirm that I am happy I made the switch to Mint. The savings are amazing. I’ve already have signed up for a 12 month plan that will be activated when my trial ends. I’m now trying to convince my family and friends to join and benefit from the savings too.

The short version – Mint Mobile is a good provider (features 5/5) with a great price (value 5-star). Service for customers, though helpful, only scores 3/5. Overall I’ll rate Mint Mobile a 5/5 because I’m extremely satisfied with their service and want to credit for the credit that is due.

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