linode vs digitalocean

This article will compare the linode to the digital ocean. It will discuss the key features, pricing structure and uptime guarantee.

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Are you looking for a cloud hosting company that will be reliable in 2022? If you’re, you probably already know the benefits these providers offer app developers and web designers.

linode vs digitalocean
linode vs digitalocean

If you still have questions, you can take a look to this comprehensive linode and digitalocean comparison study. It will highlight key features of each product as well as a price overview.

Before you sign up to cloud hosting, make sure that you understand the pros and cons of each service as well as performance and pricing. This will help you make a better decision.

What is linode?

Linode was founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker. It has been a key player in virtual hosting. A linode cloud service is easy to set up and deploy for the first time.

You can access almost five types computing services from Linode that meet your specific needs.

Linode provides a wide range of services and products to its clients, including high-memory requirements as well as dedicated gpu/cpu.

linode pricing

There are no unexpected lock-ins, no surprise bills and exact the same pricing at all data centers.

You can start at $5 per month for 1GB and increase to $480 per monthly for 96GB. Standard plans include 192gb of RAM with 3840 gb SSD and 32 cores.

Linode offers more advanced plans, such as dedicated gpu and cpu plans. These are the prices for Linode:

$5 per month for 1 core and 1gb RAM, 25gb SSD, 1TB transfer, and 1 core

$10 per month for 1 core and 2gb RAM, 50gb SSD, 2TB transfer

$20 per month for 2 cores and 4gb RAM,.80 gb SSD, and 4TB Transfer

For more information, visit the pricing page of Linode.

Linode key features

Linode is dedicated to providing a high-quality linux server experience in cloud. The Linode is a favorite among web developers around the world for its reliability in pricing and performance.

Its straightforward and predictable pricing is the best feature. You can easily scale up or decrease without worrying about hidden fees.

The layout is easy to navigate and well-designed thanks to the intuitive control panel. Linode provides amazing results with features like an advanced API platform, dns management, and scaling facilities.

These are the key features and products:

Standard instances


Cpu dedicated

Gpu compute for Ai

Object storage

Block storage


Load balancers

Managed servers

For more information, visit the linode products page.

Linode Advantages

Take a look at these points to understand why developers choose linode.

11 Datacenters around the Globe

Top iaas providers according to g2

Services bundled together into one simple price

Managed services are available

The system has many backup options that allow you to quickly get your data back.

Multiple load balancers are used by Linode to spread traffic across the servers.

What is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is a cloud-based developer cloud that makes it easy to launch applications in the cloud.

the DigitalOcean allows you to run your applications on multiple computers with no problems. DigitalOcean offers virtual private servers and hypervisors using KVM.

web hosting cumpany DigitalOcean can be managed by developers via a best-in class web interface.

This platform is also highly regarded for its predictability, intuitive and simple-to-use control panel and team accounts.

The optimized configuration of the device is optimized to speed up applications.

Digital Ocean went public in 2021. The company plans to use the funds raised for improved cash flow and enhancements.

DigitalOcean Pricing

DigitalOcean defines droplets as a group of ‘droplets’ that are equipped with various features and add-ons. Users all over the world can rely on the predictable monthly pricing and flat caps.

Standard Droplets have a lot of memory and can scale applications such as blogs and testing.

$5 per month for 1 core with 1GB RAM, 1GB SSD, and 1TB Transfer

$10 per month for 1 core with 2GB RAM, 50GB SSD and 2TB Transfer

$20 per month for 2 cores with 4GB RAM and 4GB SSD.

Digital Ocean’s Pricing Page has additional information.

DigitalOcean Key Features

Before choosing DigitalOcean, a developer must be familiar with all the specialties. The Container Registry is accessible to all users regardless of their Plan. It allows for easy storage, management, and pushing images without any hassle.

DigitalOcean offers Spaces CDN, which comes with individual caches to support unique URLs. As a bonus, the sign-in experience was redesigned to improve special announcements and two factor workflows.

Here’s a summary of the key features:




Object Storage

Networking (VPC Firewalls, Firewalls Load Balancers Floating IP, DNS)

Developer Tools

App Platform (new feature)

Digital Ocean Products provides more information.

DigitalOcean Advantages

Here are some reasons developers love DigitalOcean.

99.9% uptime guarantee

Great UX and console is easy to use

In less than one minute, you can launch a droplet

You can create multiple server instances with one account.

Load balancers are used to improve the performance of backend connections and make them more resource-efficient.

DigitalOcean is a great option for people who wish to offer managed hosting services to websites in shared environments.

Trust Platform is a one-stop shop that answers privacy questions. You can also download security certificates.

Continue reading to learn more about Digital Ocean and Linode.

Linode vs DigitalOcean Key Differences

Let’s now look at the basic information about each supplier. Now let’s dive deeper into the differences and see how they compare. Continue reading to discover the crucial difference between Linode and Digital Ocean.

Let’s begin with Pricing and Plans.

Pricing – Instances

We’ve covered the basics of each supplier. Let’s now dive deeper into the differences and see what makes each supplier different.

1 vCPU


1TB Transfer

25GB SSD Disk

Linode or Digital Ocean will charge $5 per month.

Pricing – Object Storage

Let’s now compare file storage prices.

Linode Digital Ocean

$5 for 250GB, $5 for 250GB

$0.02 per additional GB

Object Storage pricing is basically the same.

Pricing – Backups

Let’s now compare backups costs.

Linode Digital Ocean

When we compare backup costs, it appears that DigitalOcean is more affordable than Linode. Comparing the backup costs for the entry-level plan ($5/mo for both providers) will show that Digital Ocean is less expensive than Linode at $2/mo and Digital Ocean at $1/mo.

Pricing – Load Balancers

Let’s now compare the costs of Load Balancing Systems:

Linode Digital Ocean

$10/mo $10/mo

Load balancers are priced the same.


DigitalOcean and Linode provide very identical products as well as essential products. Both have the same pricing structure, with a few minor differences.

These differences are due to reality that Digital Ocean is larger and Linode has a larger geographical spread of data centers.

Both Linode and DigitalOcean both provide reliable and top-quality application hosting. This comparison isn’t conclusive, and the winner or losers is dependent on your particular requirements for hosting.

This article will assist you to be aware of DigitalOcean as well as Linode. The following articles may be of interest to you.

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