How do I make images that can be clicked?

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The ability to make your photos clickable will provide additional functionality to your pages or projects in engagement. In this way, you’ll be able direct your users to additional bits of information that will help educate them on your project objectives.

how to create clickable images online

There are two methods of making pictures clickable within Engagement. Make use of the text editor, and the icon to insert images.

How do I make images that can be clicked
How do I make images that can be clicked

Utilize HTML Code inside the view of code

The decision on which method to pick will be contingent on the place you intend get your pictures to clickable. To be honest, however there are a small differences between these two options, with the exception that one of them requires you to know the basics of HTML syntax while the second creates it automatically for you.

Utilizing the Text editor

To make use of this text editor in order to have your photos clickable, you have to follow the following:

Enter the description field of the project page

Click the image icon to insert your photo

Select the picture and then in the menu you can select “Insert link”. Include the URL of the page you want the image to be linked to and select an option that opens in a brand new tab if you need to.

Utilizing HTML Code

Incorporating clickable images into a project can be achieved using HTML. To do this, a basic understanding of HTML syntax is essential. Whenever you’re working in an environment that allows code editing, you can seamlessly integrate HTML.

To embed clickable images using HTML, the image must be hosted online. This is because you’ll need the direct URL of the image to reference it in your code.

The image can be hosted on your own website’s gallery or on an external platform. If you’re using an image from your own gallery, ensure you know how to retrieve its direct URL.

For guidance on finding the URL of images in your gallery, refer to this comprehensive guide (link to the article for further reading).

Remember, using clickable images effectively can enhance user engagement and improve the overall user experience. Ensure the images are relevant and the links lead to pertinent content.

Input the URL of your destination here Replace this with the link which you intend to send your visitors after they have clicked on your image.

Insert the image’s location here substitute this with the position of the image you wish to be able to click (hence “img src’. SRC stands as source).

Insert a title. This is intended for accessibility, for e.g. users of screen readers, so it is recommended to add the title.

Insert a description here. Replace this with a new description. This is crucial for accessibility reasons , as previously mentioned.

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