The Best cache and cookies stored on your Android phone can quickly build up. How to Get Them Out

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Clearing out your Android phone’s cache and cookies can help get rid of large amounts of data that may have been collected over time by visiting different websites.

Your browser stores and collects data whenever you surf the internet, regardless of whether your phone uses Google Chrome or Firefox. These data are called your cache and cookies. They help your phone log in quickly to your accounts, load frequently visited websites, and speedily log out.

The cache and cookies stored on your Android phone can quickly build up. How to Get Them Out
The cache and cookies stored on your Android phone can quickly build up. How to Get Them Out

cache and cookies how to we store it

However, this data can quickly add up and take up space on your phone. It could include cookies that track browsing history to display personalized ads.

After looking into some potential getaway destinations, I began seeing advertisements for eyeglasses.

Android requires different steps depending on what type of phone and web browser app is in use on it, including Google Chrome (the default browser in many Android phones like Pixel line), Samsung Internet Browser or even another web browser app altogether. Below we will outline how you can clear data for these applications: Google Chrome browser (common among Pixel phones) or Samsung Internet browser.

If you need to clear cache from multiple Apple devices, our dedicated guide can be found here.

Google Chrome

To delete cookies and cache, you can use the Android version Google Chrome. Tap the More button at the top right corner, followed by the column of three dots. Next, tap History, then Clear browsing data. This can also be done from the Chrome Settings menu.

Samsung Internet

You have two options to clear your Samsung Internet browser’s cookie and cache data. 

To delete data while using the Samsung Internet browser app, tap the Options button at the bottom right corner, which is represented by three horizontal lines. Next, tap Settings. Scroll down to Personal Data and then tap Delete browsing information to access a list of options.

Clearing your Browsing history and Cookies, site data, Cached files, images and files, passwords, and autofill forms can be done in any combination. After you tap Delete data, you will be prompted to confirm your choices and then delete.

Mozilla Firefox

Similar to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Android can also clear cookies and cache. Tap the More button to the right of your address bar. It is represented by three vertically aligned dot symbols. Next, tap Settings and scroll down until you see Delete browsing data.

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