How to clean up storage after you install win 11 in 2022

It’s been several months before Windows 11 was officially launched and almost all users have made the switch to Windows 10. If you’ve recently switched to Windows 11 then you might notice that suddenly your storage is being used up and how you can clean up storage in your w 11.

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You may want to clean up storage on your drive to run the latest version of Windows 11 without any issues. In this article, we’re going to show you how to tidy up your storage after switching from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

How to clean up storage after you install win 11 in 2022
How to clean up storage after you install win 11 in 2022

We’ll discuss two ways you can get rid of your disk space quickly. We will also explain the reasons that disk space fills with sudden influx following the upgrade of Windows 11 to Windows 11.

Continue reading to the end to free your PC’s disk space to enjoy more performance. Windows 11 comes with a feature that lets you clear up your disk space, however, finding it can be slightly complicated.

What is the reason why Disk Space gets taken after upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11?

The reason this happens is fairly straightforward, Windows needs to store system files for older Windows versions. If you encounter any issues following the installation of an update, you can return to Windows 10 without any issues.

But, if you do not experience any issues with the files, they will just take up the space on your disk. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of them after the upgrade to Windows 11. But, after you’ve deleted the files, you won’t be capable of rolling back to an earlier version of Windows.

Therefore, if you’re certain that everything is functioning well on your PC after the upgrade, you must delete the files. There are two ways in which you can clear your storage on your disk. Follow these steps and you’ll have completed the cleanup.

How do I clean up storage with the Settings App?

Here’s how to clear storage by using the settings app once you’ve updated up to Windows 11:

Step 1. Switch on Settings for your computer or laptop.

Step 2. Then scroll down, and select”Storage. It may take a while to display all the information.

Step 3. Once the loading process is completed, Click on the Get Temporary file option.

Step 4. Find the option Previous Windows Installs, and then click the checkbox right next to it. The size of the file is supposed to be 10GB or less.

Be aware that before proceeding further, make sure you uncheck the other boxes, or your information will be deleted permanently.

Step 5. Then click then the Remove Files option at the top of the page. It can take a few minutes to finish the process, however, once it’s completed, you’ll see that there’s more storage to be found.

How to clean up storage by using Disk Cleanup?

Here’s how to tidy your storage space with Disk Cleanup:

Step 1. Open Start Menu and search for Disk Cleanup app.

Step 2. It takes a few minutes to load all the information, and after the loading time, you will be able to see all kinds of files that can be removed.

Step 3. Click on step 3. Click on Clean Up System Files option. It will take a while and it will display the system files that could be removed.

Step 4. Once the loading process is completed, choose the previous Microsoft Windows Installation(s).

Be sure to have not checked other options prior to moving on.

Step 5. Click the OK button to delete the file and then you’re completed.

Step 6. When the process is completed, you will notice that there is no additional storage space left.


If you’re seeking a method to eliminate those files that are not needed that you don’t need, then you’re in the right spot. We’ve shared two ways that will help you clear your disk space in just a few steps.

You can follow the following steps to eliminate the space that is wasted. If you do decide to update your computer to the latest versions, it is possible that you’ll face problems. One solution is to find the solution or, in the event you are unable to find a solution that can be done to fix the issue, you may return to an earlier version.

But, it is important to keep in mind that you can upgrade to Windows 10 within 10 days of the upgrade. After this, you will not be able to reverse the upgrade.

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