ffxiv reddit

A couple playing together on the latest Final Fantasy XIV update, Endwalker, recently revealed their hilarious plan to avoid ruining the latest installment to one another.

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The release of Endwalker came out earlier this month, and is the conclusion to the game’s nearly-decade-long storyline which revolves around magical creatures Hydaelyn as well as Zodiark.

ffxiv reddit
ffxiv reddit

Even though this isn’t the final chapter of Square Enix’s wildly popular MMORPG the final expansion brings a fond end to players who have stuck with the game ever since its official launch (and even if it was a bit rough one) in 2013.

While the expansion was launched on the 7th of December However, there were some players waiting for access to Endwalker because of server congestion which resulted in long wait times and accidental queueing.

Director and game producer Naoki Yoshida apologized publicly to the players, and explained that the issues stemmed from nearly every server (in all regions) hitting the limit of log-ins and FFXIV’s hardware. This led to Yoshida offering players an apology gift : an entire week of game time. This is also available to players who are taking part in the trial period of 30 days for free.

With these issues mostly solved players can finally be allowed to join the Endwalker’s world. Endwalker.

A couple who seem to love FFXIV is currently performing exactly that according to Reddit user starlightsun’s post from a few days ago. The post contains a photo showing their man playing FFXIV the game Endwalker.

But, their husband is in fact doing more than playing the MMORPG. He is hiding his screen by covering the entire setup, even his body covered with blankets to keep out the Endwalker spoilers. According to Starlightsun the couple’s husband is a long-time FFXIV player, and they’ve been playing for some time before they’re in similar positions within the game.

I’m still in Stormblood and it will be an hour or so until I can catch up.” However the husband’s thoughtful set-up can be a complete method to avoid spoilers even when the original poster was located in a different area of the game’s storyline or progress.

Despite the server issues that marred the launch of Endwalker, the dedicated fanbase of Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) remained largely unfazed.

This resilience is perhaps unsurprising, given that the game’s initial 2013 release is infamous for being one of the most disastrous launches in MMORPG history. However, FFXIV has since undergone a remarkable transformation, winning players over with its compelling storyline, immersive world-building, and well-developed characters.

Once saddled with a Metacritic score below 50%, FFXIV has staged an extraordinary comeback, now boasting a rating at or above 90%. Such a dramatic turnaround is exceedingly rare in the gaming industry, making FFXIV a standout example of successful game redevelopment.

Given FFXIV’s current status as a highly esteemed MMORPG, it’s no wonder that fans like Starlight Sun are extremely cautious about avoiding any spoilers for Endwalker. With the game’s expansive narrative nearing its conclusion, there’s a wealth of content to anticipate—and, by the same token, a lot that could be spoiled.

So, whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to the series, the anticipation surrounding Endwalker is palpable, and the journey it promises is one that many are eager to experience spoiler-free.

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