Best website builders in May 2023

With the market for Best website builders growing yearly, anyone can learn how to build professional websites.

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Modern and organized templates, a user-friendly interface, excellent business options, and prices are the most important factors to consider when selecting a web-based builder. But which one has the most value for money?

Choosing the most effective website builder to suit your needs in this competitive market can take time and effort. To help you choose, we tested the options and ranked the top website builders.

How do you choose the Best website builders?

The best website builder is largely dependent on your specific requirements. In the case of portfolio websites, a site might require fewer features or resources. While a site for business must use a builder packed with marketing and other features.

First, a top website builder should provide you with a user-friendly user interface. It is not easy for everyone to (or even desire to) master intricate code. Therefore having a well-organized organized editor, or even a drag-and-drop one, is essential.

Additionally, a large range of templates is beneficial for speedy website creation. The most effective website builder must include professionally designed designs for various themes or businesses.

If you’re planning to build an online business site, the builder must include the appropriate features. This includes everything from SEO and marketing to eCommerce functions.

The most important aspect of any website is good performance. If your site is slow to load or crashes frequently, you’ll lose visitors or customers quickly. This is why prior research is crucial.

The Best website builders in 2023 – our comprehensive list:

After a continuous test, We compiled a list of the top 10 website builders available. There are various options for different needs on websites, From simple five-minute builders to pixel-perfect designs. Without further delay, we’ve compiled a list of the top website builders on the market:

Gator website builder – a fast web-building software for novices

If you’ve never constructed websites previously, Gator is an excellent website builder. It lets you build a customized website in two minutes and provides helpful additional features.

Editor: Gator has two editors with different styles: Express and Traditional. The process of building is easy using either of them. The Express option allows you to edit styles, images, fonts, colors, and other elements. The traditional option is a drag-and-drop editor, an ideal solution for novices.

Templates: It’s a challenge when using Gator’s templates. There are no templates in the Express editor, and design freedom is up to you. The standard editor offers around 220 templates that give you an adequate kick-off.

Features: Whatever plan you pick, you’ll get many features. Shipping and managing your products for your store along with SEO tools and marketing. There’s also an online logo maker professional email service and analytics features.

Pricing: Gator has 3 subscription options, one for personal websites and two focused on business. You can purchase the builder starting at $3.46/month. In addition, there’s an excellent 30-day money-back guarantee.

Shopify is an eCommerce-focused website builder.

For those seeking to expand their online store or business, Shopify is an excellent solution. It offers a wide array of useful features for eCommerce websites within its arsenal.

Editor for designing your online store, you’re likely to need an editor that is section-based, which will provide the most simple navigation. The left-side menu can assist you in customizing your website swiftly and effectively.

Templates What’s unique about Shopify is that it provides only 9 templates for free. The remaining 73 templates are paid. Shopify focuses on quality, not quantity, which is evident in its sleek and modern templates.

Features Features of HTML0: Since Shopify is a builder that focuses on businesses, naturally, numerous features benefit online stores. Automated tax calculation, shipping, and many payment options such as abandoned cart recovery, you can name it. If what it provides isn’t enough, an app store allows you to purchase additional features for your site.

Pricing: based on the size of your company’s website and its requirements, there are three Shopify plans. Prices start at $29.00/month and include 30 days of money-back guarantee.

Weebly is secure, the most wallet-friendly website builder designed for small-sized companies

In the past, Weebly made its way onto the top web builders lists due to its great user-friendliness and drag-and-drop capabilities. Today, it’s striving to become a great all-around eCommerce solution for small businesses.

Editor If a drag-and-drop editor is something you’re seeking in a web builder, Weebly is a solid option. It’s simple to grasp the process as it’s extremely intuitive, and it should take a little time to become an expert.

Templates Although there are only 40 templates available, they’re well-organized and varied – perfect for various categories. You can also download templates from third parties. However, they are at a cost.

Features: With Weebly, you can benefit from a range of features. For instance, pop-ups, email marketing, SEO tools, and blog software. With the app store available, you’ll find a wealth of additional tools for editing websites or for business.

Price: To try Weebly, its free version, download it. However, it’s limited and will offer different benefits than the other four plans. Technically, you can also test the paid tiers, as there’s a 30-day refund policy. The cost of Weebly starts at $6.00/month. is an excellent option for personal projects as well as businesses is an extremely flexible yet affordable website builder that is extremely affordable. It’s a simple DIY solution for regular users who create personal websites and entrepreneurs looking to build an online shop.

Editor: lets you select how you want to create your website DIY or let an AI-generated generator create the work for you. In either case, you will get a drag-and-drop editor (as advertises itself), which is more like a block-based editor. It’s both efficient and easy to use.

Templates If you decide to create your own website, you can pick from 190 stunning and responsive templates. The most appealing thing is that all of them are free, and you don’t have to spend additional fees to use them.

Features Whatever plan you choose, includes 2GB of storage, five email addresses, and one hour of support for your website design. Prices that go up include marketing tools via email, the possibility of accepting secure payments and selling up to 500 items.

Pricing: has 3 affordable plans – starting at $1.95/month. But, you get only three days of the money-back guarantee, which is uncommon for web builders.

Zenfolio is the perfect site builder tool for visual artists

Zenfolio is the sole professional builder on this list – an ideal choice for visual artists and photographers. Its options for editing, organizing, and selling your photos and managing your portfolio, Zenfolio are very easy to use.

Editor, There provides two kinds of editors Zenfolio provides – the traditional drag-and-drop and an alternative block-based portfolio editor. While the classic editor can be confusing, The updated portfolio editor is more user-friendly. It allows you to easily modify and organize your pages.

Templates: Zenfolio provides you with 11 templates, seven single-page templates. While the other 4 templates are multi-page. However, they all place your photos on the front, which is exactly what photography websites need.

Features: Zenfolio provides users with a variety of features. This includes backups and the ability to upload hundreds of photos. You can also upload videos or edit your photos using Zenfolio’s Lightroom plugin, sell your work, and more.

Pricing You can choose from three different plans for building websites that include various features and storage. Prices start at $3.50/month. If you’re lucky you want to, you can receive a full refund on annual plans. That is if you decide to cancel your subscription within the first 30 days after registration.

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