how to get AdSense approval in 2022

Today, I’m here to assist you with getting Google AdSense approval. Many users have asked me questions about this, so I’ve come up with 12 suggestions to assist you in getting approved fast.

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Google AdSense, truth be said, can be quite a challenge when you’ve never had your site approved prior to. In the event that you have an existing site which has been approved on Google AdSense, it’s pretty easy to add other sites to join your account.

how to get AdSense approval in 2022
how to get AdSense approval in 2022

What about people who haven’t been approved or are having lots of issues getting approval? This list is designed for.

Before I get started I’d like to highlight the platform Ezoic. It works in conjunction with Google AdSense (which I love I must admit) and makes use of artificial intelligence to better place your ads in particular areas , without affecting the user experience.

Additionally they have also released a brand new plugin to speed up your website in the event that your site is slow. It’s a highly automated, awesome plugin, so be sure to take a look.

High-Quality Content Is Crucial

First, I believe to be among the most important things you should accomplish if you’re trying to get approval from Google AdSense. You need to ensure that you’ve got quality content on your site.

Many think that it doesn’t matter but it really does because it’s now Google ensures that websites it’s accepting aren’t just a collection of spam sites or individuals who copy paste material from different websites.

They’re trying that they don’t appear in their search results generally and therefore anyone trying to take shortcuts do not bother. You won’t be granted approval to use Google AdSense.

Create 10-15 Posts

Second, it’s all about quality content. Before you can even apply for Google AdSense, you should have at least 10 high-quality articles on your site to ensure Google recognizes that you’re taking the process seriously and that your site has certain articles that could be made monetizable.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to put up between 10,000 and 5,000 words on your site. If you’re using between 1000 and 1500 words in your piece, that’s quite a decent amount. This can aid in getting your site approved since it demonstrates the voice of your site. It also aids Google to assess how good your website’s content is which is crucial.

Create About and Contact Pages

The third point is one that I’m sure many people miss out on. When you build a website it must have an About page and Contact page prior to applying the program to Google AdSense.

The reason is pretty straightforward; when Google reviews your site they’re looking to verify that the site is legitimate and they’ll want to find out who’s behind the site. It is possible to include the various employees involved on your About page, too.

Create a Privacy Policy Page

The fourth step is to have an Privacy Page on Policies. The most common error many people make because they’ll think, “I don’t really know what I should include on your privacy policies page.”

You can actually look at Google and discover a myriad of generators. One of the most crucial things you need to know is that Google needs specific words to be part of your privacy policies.

Make The Website Look Decent

The number nine is to ensure that your website look professional. It doesn’t mean that you need to purchase high-end themes but instead you do want to ensure that your site is attractive.

Check that your site has every bell and whistle to ensure that the next time someone visits it doesn’t appear like a mix of old-fashioned 90’s-era, jumbled HTML that has been thrown together in a way that makes it difficult to navigate.

Remove Other Ads When Applying

If you’re receiving repeated rejections and don’t know why, it’s essential to remove the ads you’ve already placed on your website.

Although Google says in their terms of service that it is perfectly acceptable to use other ad networks with Google AdSense When you apply, someone will be evaluating your site.

If they see a variety of advertisements appearing everywhere, they might think, “You know what? This website is already spammy. There are already plenty of advertisements, and we’re not going to allow them on the site as they’re being handled by other sites.”

While you’re in the process of applying, you can remove the ads for the 3 to 5 days. This takes to convince Google to accept your application. Once they’ve approved your application, you’ll be permitted to add any additional advertising networks you’d like to join.

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